The world's building material

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The world's building material. Of the Inhabited Stars and the Cause of Gravitation. A Unified Field Theory from a Cosmic Perspective", 1991, edition dionysos at the Dharma Bookshop. Until now it is not translated into English.

with a foreword by Jochen Kirchhoff and a conversation with Werner Heisenberg

ISBN 3-9802157-2-5

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S. 40

"Man is part of creation, and because this is so, all the laws of creation must also become effective in him, all the secrets of creation must be discoverable in him."


"The heavenly bodies - like everything created - are subject to the law of becoming and passing away."


"All celestial bodies, created from one building material, space energy, decay, starting from the core of the celestial body, also again into space energy - and that in the purest, absolute form."


"The most important neighbouring star for our Earth - the Sun - radiates space energies in the purest form like all other stars, originating from nuclear decay. The interaction of the radiation fields of the sun and the earth results in changes in the state of the fields; the energy is slowed down by compression. As a result of the density of the core radiation and the force of the counteraction of the fields, the space energies, which are apparently waveless in absolute form, are compressed and transformed; the energies take on wave form, and in the process that process takes place which our eye perceives as light and which, with sufficient intensity - as with the sun - is also felt by us as warmth".


"From the becoming and passing of a star follows an increasing intensity of core radiation for the ascending phase of cosmic development and a steadily decreasing intensity for the descending phase. With increasing intensity, the cosmic inputs - i.e. the space energies that reach us from other stars - must steadily become more powerful, so that the energy rays generated in this process experience an amplification in the direction of long energy waves (ultra-red or infrared).....The energy ray scale thus experiences a shift via ultra-red in the upward course of development and a shift via ultra-violet in the downward course of the star."