For evidences for the truth of the unified field theory of Kirchhoff and Krause see here:

For consolidation of the themes which Helmut Friedrich Krause is speaking about:

Jochen Kirchhoff

Jochen Kirchhoff refers in almost every work to the pionieering and breakthrough achievements and alignments of Helmut Friedrich Krause and also to the work of Giordano Bruno. Furthermore he did work out a lot of themes intensively for concrete consciousness work of the single person, who is interessted in. Most of them are included in an implicite way in the work of Krause. It is really amazing what Jochen Kirchhoff could work out on the base of impulses of Helmut Friedrich Krause and by his own research. It's leading a way for further development of science and philosophy too.

Giordano Bruno

For Helmut Friedrich Krause Giordano Bruno was one of the few real parents of his work and he indicated to the importance of the work and thinking of Bruno many times.

See to some essential works of Bruno in digital form:

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Schelling did also a great job in natural philosophy developing for example a consequent thinking of world soul, salvation of nature within and through the human being and the question of free will. He is an important example for the german spirit of deep and vital metaphysical thinking.