About the rainbow and the principle of creation

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About the rainbow and the principle of creation The Cosmic Destiny of Humanity. How to put an end to the hostile work of the earthlings", 1989, edition dionysos at the Dharma Bookshop (publishing bookshop) . Until now it is not translated into English.

ISBN 3-9802157-0-9


"The most important insight of the past millennia, that the world of appearances is only a section of a more comprehensive world, should be mentioned first. Just as a cone of light at night shows a section of a larger landscape, our sensory perceptions also register only a section, which we call the 'world of appearances'."

"The stars are - like all created things - subject to the law of becoming and passing away. Created from a building material which in its purest state is not recognisable to our organs of sense perception, the heavenly body must also dissolve again into that building material, as required by the law of becoming and passing away".


"We have to remember that the occidentals - and with certain restrictions also differently structured beings of this earth - spend a life in illusions, i.e. are not at all accustomed to include the living cosmos in their consciousness. Powers are at work here that exclude the very common word "coincidence" and teach us that we are or were neither free nor self-important shapers of our destiny, but that forces of the cosmos are at work over us, which we only did not become aware of because everyday sophistry (for philosophy - we only want to use this name for a living knowledge) forced us into a system of coordinates in which everything not causally determined moved into the sphere of the occult or the fourth dimension."


"The heavenly bodies - indeed all the star clusters - are created by human souls in great spiritual struggles according to the will and plan of creation, and the leading spiritual forces, the "princes" in the true sense, have the leading role in this"

"All being therefore has relation to man, whether it is a mineral, a plant or an animal."


"The history of the earth is completely meaningless in the previous tradition, because the cosmos and its laws, i.e. the most important foundations of life, were unknown.

"The soul has the most intimate relationship to space; indeed, it can be stated that it is the native element of the soul."

S. 124

"What manifests itself in the respective form, whether in the sphere of the mineral, the vegetable, the animal or the human, is always the end result of a process that has taken place in space, undetectable to our organs of sense perception, and is subject to a particular lawfulness." "Space is world soul!"


"On each star, the Creator of the world enters into a " bond " with the population, which has to be sealed by the people or by the guiding spirits. The number of rhythms of the star has to correspond with the number of "seals" to the covenant with creation. With the end of the period of maturity of each star and with the fulfilment of the "old bond", the most important period of development in the life of the star is concluded, and with the transition to the peaceful twilight of the star's life, the "new bond" is proclaimed, which the Creator of the world enters into with those beings who have survived the purification process at the end of the period of maturity. This "new bond" always points to other celestial bodies, i.e. aligned soul forces are born into other celestial bodies in fulfilment of the "new bond" in order to help there to fulfil the law at particularly endangered epochs."


"Cosmos and chaos - creation and formlessness, the world creator and the world destroyer - form the great field of tension to which all life owes its becoming and being. The philosopher of cosmic character has to affirm this struggle, just as he has to accept the existence of the two basic principles of the universe - creation and formlessness!"