Core statements

Natural philosophy and metaphysics by Helmut Friedrich Krause

It is actually inadmissible to press the overall message of the life and work of this outstanding natural philosopher into 'core theses' - and yet we shall attempt to do so here in order to provide a basic approach to Helmut Friedrich Krause's thought and work, which can only be gradually opened up in its profundity and diversity.

Core statements

  • Space is world-soul; the universe is infinite and eternal and all-living.

  • Cosmos and chaos are the fundamental antinomies of the universe, in conflict with each other all the time.

  • World will is the building material of the world(s). In a physical context can also be referred to as (primordial) space energy or radial field energy for better understanding.

  • The becoming and passing away (growth and decay) of the stars and planets, and so the gravitation is the consequence of core radiation coming from the transformation of matter in the depth of every highly developed heavenly body.

  • Acusmatic counting is the holistic science and number theory of rhythms of sounds of the universe, which determinate the spaces of time for development and the climaxes of development at all (Big world hours of galaxies and the 'smaller' world hours of heavenly bodies)

  • The structure and the rhythm of 'Milky Way' (our home galaxy) is creating a special galactical role of the solar system we live in and planet Earth.

  • The galactical pre-history is the reason for the destiny of mankind.

  • The "Constitution of the cosmic principle" of a heavenly body (of a star or a planet) is a process which takes places all over the universe while the so called "Maturation period" of the actual mankind of a star or a planet. There usually is following a period of "Peaceful evening of life" for the case of a working "Constition of the cosmic principle". That's also a step to the natural finish of all processes of biological living forms. The history of mankind is considered form a cosmic point of conciousness and by using acusmatic knowledge.

  • The Natural Kingdoms (minerals, plants and animals) are sources and levels of the human being living form; the aim of all efforts of human beings is perfection and that means the freedom of necessity of reincarnation (as for example Buddha mentioned and educated).


The most important precondition for the central statements of Helmut Friedrich Krause is the fact, that he did'nt recognize the main topics by going the well-known scientific ways. He got some intensive intuitions and was receiving visions about the radial field of primordial energy and 'what is keeping together the things (and matter) inside'. These intuitions he translated into rational form - as it is possible - und connected this with the scientific knowledge of his time - as it is possible - and worked out the big differences between modern scientific thinking and his way of recognition. For getting the vital cosmic information he did a lot of work in meditation, rational study and intensive independent thinking. He pointed out in his works, that the most of his statements are in conflict with modern scientific understanding of the world. The recognition process he was involved in is transrational and that's why it is impossible to get the results by using the rational thinking only.

The most statements are not comprehensible from a point of view, that is build up on the base of rational understanding of the cosmos and the world at all.

Cosmic space is World Soul

Helmut Friedrich Krause did use the term "World Soul" very consciously in reference to the work of Giordano Bruno. To his mind the World Soul is the lively and metaphysical fundament in the sense of holding and forming force to all phenomenons of the world. In opposite to the modern cosmological perceptions of vacuum between the stars he was looking at space as an expression of the World Soul. For him this is the principle of life in general. The cosmic space is not "dead" but still (and forever) "alive" in a deeper sense.

Cosmos and chaos - the antinomies of the universe

In the eternal life of the universe there are two basic principles struggling all the time - the cosmic and creative principle of the "World Creator" and the destructive and regressive principle of the "World Destroyer".

From the point of view of Helmut Friedrich Krause it is nessecary to accept this basic fact: cosmos and chaos are the antinomies of the universe. Everyone is working and living in the 'field of struggle' without exception. The sense of the universe is to Krauses mind justice in a extensive kind of understandig.

World will is the material of the world

Helmut Friedrich Krause was answering the question what the material of the world is radically by reduction of all phenomenons to one absolute World Will, which is originated from the World Creator and from the centre of the heavenly body. For a better understandig he uses the term which is in use in scientific language too: "space energy". Space energy is to his mind the material of the world.

Gravitation as a result of core radiationverstrahlung

The question of the cause of gravitation and connected to that the question of the unified field theory, which could explain the phenomenons of gravtiation, magnetism, electricity, light and phenomenons of atomic sphere - these questions were questions in the lifetime of Helmut Friedrich Krause as well as they are until now.

By an evident intuition in 1937 Helmut Friedrich Krause was understanding gravitation as a result of disruption of matter in the core of the planet by releasing the world will, which is radiating in all directions into cosmic space. Disruption of matter is to his mind the result of the pressure growing to the centre of planet Earth, which is extremly high and so this pressure is making matter no longer maintaining its strucures in a depht which is indefinable. The bounded world will (which matter is at last) is releasing and radiating with limitless speed in all directions at first.

The 'will' of matter to reach this sphere of disruption (or transformation back to space energy) is the force, that we recognize as gravitation, says Krause.

The radial fields coming from the cores of the stars are radiating "against" eachother, and in this way there are guaranted the distances between the heavenly bodies. Then this interaction is the cause for the phenomenon of light (compare Goethes "archetypal phenomenon of light and darkness"). This interaction in its full comlexity is the the cause for the electric magnetism, all kind of radiation and also the cause of cosmic movement at all.

Acusmatics and the soundwise rhythm of the universe

Helmut Friedrich Krause takes the "Soundwise Rhythms" (in the metaphysical spere) as a starting point. To his mind these rhythms are structuring the creation at all and in a way also the activities of the "World destroyer" (the chaotic pole). These soundwise rhythms are not perceptible by senses. These sounds are tremendous phenomenons coming from stars, solar systems and galaxies. They interfere eachother, give the rhythm to the creation, influence it the quality of processes. The sounds can be "count", that means, there is the highest cosmic intelligence working within.

The term "Acusmatics" Helmut Friedrich Krause borrows from ancient world: The phytagorean philosophers were using it first. But Krause is giving another sense to it. He is using the term also in struggle against western mathematics (as a way of insight), which was developing from a helping hand for sciences to an leading force in science at all by explaining the things and keeping the perogative of interpretation. By using acusmatic thinking it is possible - in the point of view of Helmut Friedrich Krause - to determinate the right order of time (a true calendar of the planetary development, the true time order in development of our galaxy at all). auch als Gegenbegriff zur abendländischen Mathematik, die sich in seiner Sicht im Laufe ihrer Geschichte und Anwendung in der Tendenz von einer Hilfswissenschaft zu einer Erklärungs- und Deutungs(hoheits)wissenschaft entwickelt hatte (siehe Quantenmechanik und neuzeitliche Kosmologie, z. B. Urknalltheorie und Vorstellungen von einer Expansion des Universums). Die Akusmatik erlaubt es nach Krause, die wirkliche zeitliche Ordnung der Entwicklung der Galaxien und Gestirne zu bestimmen.

For specific countings he was regaring to the comet Halley and to the circulation period of round about 76 (earthern) years. This fundamental benchmark was also a result of both intuition and visionary sight to the metaphysical sphere.

Based on this he determinates so called Hours of heavenly bodies. In our galaxy it takes as a rule 15 periods of circulation of the comet Halley. The taking place of an Hour of a heavenly body and in time of a World Hour (a great period of the galaxy) means a special quality of time for the development of conciousness. At this times there are often special results in history to be found.

Using these extraordinary metaphysical parameters he could open the door to a truly new kind of sense and order in the history of mankind, which was'nt known before.

Galaxy, solar system and Earth

Helmut Friedrich Krause looks at the universe and at the heavenly bodies within as expressions of the world soul. All stars and planets are potentially able to carry for a special period of its development mineral, vegetable, animal living forms as human living forms as well.

To his mind heavenly bodies of our galaxy are principally lively. Because of the last big period of development, which the galaxy is within, most of the stars are no longer inhabited physically.

Similar it is in our solar system: some planets are no longer inhabited (so Mercury and Mars), some as planet Earth (and others) are inhabited. Planet Earth is going into the finishing period of the biological life on this planet.

Unsere Galaxie, die sogenannte Milchstraße, hat nach Helmut Friedrich Krauses Ansicht eine Struktur, die von insgesamt vier Großgestirnen und einem Sonnensystem (dem unseren, welches als Äquivalent zu einem Großgestirn angesehen wird) zusammengehalten wird. Die Großgestirne sind in ihrer funktionalen Reihenfolge nach Krause: Arcturus, Spica, Beteigeuze, unser Sonnensystem und Antares.

In the description of Helmut Friedrich Krause the milky way is connected with two other galaxies to a destiny community of 3 galaxies.

Galactical prehistory of the earthern mankind

In the view of Helmut Friedrich Krause the mankind of planet Earth is much more elder than the planet itself. It comes from the second development period , the second big world hour of the galaxy.

The constitution of the principle of planet Earth and the ripeness time of mankind

Helmut Friedrich Krause mentioned that the mankind of every star or planet has to bear in the period of the "ripeness time" individuals, who recognize the basic metaphysical facts of life, live in the spirit of this aknowledgement and show the ways for human beings to realize the destination of human living form. This is an important part of the constitution of the priciple of the star, because in this way there come to an expression the cosmic priciples at all and they are used consciously for acting on a maxim of insight and of acting and handling.

According to Helmut Friedrich Krause this procedure was extremly late on planet Earth and was realized only by overcoming extreme difficulties. By following his acusmatic countings mankind was/is going forward into a period of big transformation, which can be imagined as a cleaning process and a radical seperation of spirits. This process will be followed ideally by an era of "peacefull evening of life" for planet as well as the mankind, in which takes place recreation from the struggle of consciousness - and the biological life comes then to a natural end. This procedure is the usual way of the world(s) everywhere in our galaxy and in cosmos, when the process of constitution of the principle of the star was finished sucessfully.

The kingdoms of nature as sources and levels of human existence menschlichen Lebens

In contradiction to the theory of evolution developed by Darwin, Helmut Friedrich Krause was assuming metempsychose. By this procedure soul is going through (as "splinter of world soul", see Bruno) step by step all kingdoms of nature finishing at the level of a human being. Then follows reincarnation cycle. That means for every single human being to develope consciousness by several (or many) birthes (see perceptions of hinduism and buddhism; Krause was a student of buddhistic wisdom as wll and he accepted the buddhistic assertions to the theme reincarnation). To his mind the developement of a human being leads to "perfection" and stopping the cycle of reincarnation by making right efforts. Then the human being is no longer within this cycle of rebirthes. While having a look at the kingdoms of nature the individual has a look to its own history or past - and in this view to itself. This is strong reason for his dissaproval of imperialist way of dealing with resources of the planet and the destructive dealing with kingdom of plants and animals by the western life style. eine Begründung für seine strikte Ablehnung der imperialistischen Aneignungsweise der Ressourcen des Planeten und des zerstörerischen Umgangs mit der Flora und Fauna, wie sie die „westliche Lebensweise“ praktiziert.

Developement of thinking of Helmut Friedrich Krause

Around the year 1923 Krause was complete going adrift from christian moral values and he was discovering the world of thoughts of Giordano Bruno while he was studying budhism as well. Gautama Buddha and Giordano Bruno become guiding figures of his thinking and personal life.

In 1927 he met in Berlin the philosopher Ferdinand Hilliges and they had an intensive discussion of buddhistic thinking and of assertions of Arthur Schopenhauer.

His activity with scientific perceptions of his time and his own research (especially from 1930-1934) led on to deeper rational kind of thinking which was no in conflict for him with the ideas of Buddha and Bruno until then.

In 1934 he was going adrift from rationalism as well, because he recognized the destructive function of this. Afterwards he was turning to study intensively Upanishads.

After intensive personal experiences in 1937, 1944 and in the following years, to his mind they were initiations, he works for a rational understandable description of that "theoria" (what means vision of God, visionary view or immediate insight or knowledge). He was cognizant of the difficulties to bring metaphysical experience and intuition into usual language. The whole life time he was engaged in this problem. It is especially obvious by the fact oft many-times reworking of his main work "From the rainbow and the principle of creation" until its finishing.

Open questions

Basically there is left the question in which mode there is a possibility of verification of the thoughts and theories of Helmut Friedrich Krause. For answering this it becomes important, is it possible to verficate / to falsficate these insights by using modern scientific methods or not - for the case, that some physicists accept the things.

There are some possible experiments for indirect review of the thesis of core radiation within the stars which were suggested in the book "Spaces, dimensions, world models" written by Jochen Kirchhoff.

Some more questions, if the basic axioms are accepted, are for example:

  • Does exist in the universe only the kingdoms of nature which we know on Earth, and how did origninate this concrete succession and their form and richness of form ?

  • Is there any empirical evidence for the periods of biological and geological life assumed by Helmut Friedrich Krause - even they are much more shorter than the scientific assumptions suggest until now ?

  • How take place the transistions from one kingdom of nature to another and under which conditions?

  • Is there executable another kind of natural science ?

  • Is there a possibility to verficate the unified field theory by Helmut Friedrich Krause - assuming from his thesis of core radiation (world will)? What's about the consequences of a basic verification of core radition to science at all and techniques ?

  • Is is a realistic target any longer: a real peaceful global order - a "peaceful evening of life" for the mankind? Which consequences would have such a realization for the solar system and the galaxy - by using the assumption of the importance of planet Earth and solar system?

Influences on Helmut Friedrich Krause

According to his own indications Helmut Friedrich Krause was studying universal literature (known until his days of life) and philosophical and metaphysical thinking of west and east intensively. He was inspired especially by Giordano Bruno and Gautama Buddha. Both became leading figures for his way and research.

He did receive the developement of his time such as the work of Bohr and Heisenberg while developing own scientific ideas for explaining redshift of spectral lines (as a theme of astrophysical research). He was in opposition to the speculative cosmology following the theories of relativity by Einstein.

There do not exist a published monography and public dicussions of his theories yet.

In the work of Jochen Kirchhoff there are to be found a lot of statements connecting his own ideas with the thinking of Helmut Friedrich Krause, especially in "Space, dimensions, world models" and in the monographies on Bruno, Kopernikus and Schelling.


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