Helmut Friedrich Krause, 1948, Berlin

Helmut Friedrich Krause (*13th of June 1904 in Bromberg (formerly Western Prussia);**20th of March 1973 in Berlin) was a german philosopher, who was creating a cosmology on the base of metaphysic thinking connecting it with the universal truths of spiritual traditions. We point out, that there is no other example of a wide range thinking of the world process (as the history of nature and culture) in the very rich history of philosophical ideas in Germany. Without doubt, Helmut Friedrich Krause is one of the greatest philosophers the world has ever seen until our day.

Here the download of his remarkable book "The material of the world - about the living universe and the cause of gravitation. A unified field theory"  Der_Baustoff_der_Welt

The ideas of Helmut Friedrich Krause, his work and his extraordinary kind of personality is not known in Germany and so in the world - even the philosophical and scientific experts don't know his name.

By using his own metaphysical experiences and the knowledge of scientific theories of his time he was successful in creating a complete new overview about history of planet earth and the mankind. Therefore he is/was telling the story from a 'cosmic standpoint' and is/was using not known causes for the evolution and developments of societies.

His unified field theory, which is still waiting for perception and validation, starts from the thought of a living process within the core of planet earth, where matter is transforming under pressure into 'space energy', that means primordial energy as a radiating field. This process of transformation (matter back to space energy) is the cause of gravitation too. He answers also the old question of what light is and what's the nature of matter and the cause of their stability.

The thinking and the results of research of Helmut Friedrich Krause should be recognized and reviewed. There is a vital interest to start a philosophical and scientific discussion on his topics - for a new beginning in sciences at all and for reaching the target of real and stable peace on earth.